Disney is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Most people who love Disney do the work before their trips. They spend months (years) soaking up every Disney related bit of information they can fit into their Mouse ear adorned heads. They skip into the parks with tears in their eyes, mickey bar in hand, primed to soak up the Main Street Bakery scented magic. They spend hours upon hours planning and they execute a fantastic trip.

For those who are overwhelmed, the often outcome isn’t so great. They avoid planning, throw (too much) money at it, and then get annoyed at how much it costs to stand in a 90 minute line, sweating through their shirts, all while the kids scream at their feet in exhaustion.

Either way, in the end, both groups prove themselves right.

So here you are. You want go to Disney and have a magical trip, but are plagued by uncertainty. Or you don’t know where to start.  Or, you simply just don’t have hours to plan, or don’t want to spend your time that way.

That’s where I come in. I think about Disney approximately 87.54% of the time, so you don’t have to!

I’ll do the planning for you. And with my help, when you step off of that Magical Express into the humid Orlando air you will be prepared, wait in SHORT lines, eat amazing food, and hug Mickey with zeal.  Your kids and spouse will adore you, and on the way home you will sigh and say to yourself: When are we going back?

Okay, right about now you are thinking that I am an optimistic Disney obsessed fool—and you are correct. But let’s face it, you want that in your corner. And you really want to see the look in your kids’ eyes when that Castle comes into view. Because that moment, is…well, MAGIC.

Let’s find the magic together.